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Amber Healing & Magical Properties

Healing properties.

Dating back to the ancient times it was believed that there are practically no such diseases of which amber couldn’t cure.

Nowadays amber is very actively used in medical practices. Specifically it is used to cure such ailments as headache, sore throat, softens impact of pressure swings, magnetic storms, affects the spleen, improves cardiac function, and relieves toothache, helping to cure many other diseases and health conditions.

Amber has a very positive influence on the internal medium of the organism and glandular epithelium (i.e. blood, lymph and interstitial fluid), especially it is effective in the treatment of diseases of the joints, varicose veins, reduces inflammation and restoring the work of the venous valves. The modern medicine especially highlights the role amber plays in prevention of haemolysis (process of destruction of red blood cells – erythrocytes.)

Amber contains iodine, thus wearing amber beads is quite useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland, which occur in case of iodine deficiency. The gem contains other components useful for human body (iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc.) Amber has profound effect in treatments of mastopathy, cysts, and myomas other tumours, including malignant, helps at treatment of goitre, fatty tumours. Allegedly, this is because by braking of pathological cell fission contributes to death of harmful cells and even absorption of newgrowth. Amber contains iodine; therefore wearing amber necklace is effective in prevention and treatment of thyroid problems caused by iodine deficiency. Most notably, amber contains a wide variety of other elements that have beneficial effects on human health (iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc.). Furthermore, amber acid accelerates metabolism and cellular renewal; has positive effects on the digestive system, having anti-inflammatory and bactericidal impact. Amber acid provides a broad spectrum of medical benefits, namely, it stimulates the nervous system, promotes haemoglobin production, improves activity of kidneys and intestines, and also applied as anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent.

Amber crumb and its salts are used in production of valuable preparations (vitamin D3, cortisone acetate, antiseptics and so forth). In Poland amber tincture is used as excellent cure for colds, diseases of a throat and respiratory tract. It is recommended to rub amber plate over temple at headaches, and to relieve children teething pains is advisable to give them a piece of amber to bite. Doctors often note that using an amber pipe reduces the likelihood of cancer diseases in smokers.

A lot of amber healing properties a man has successfully employed up today. Necklaces made of amber are recommended to be worn on a neck to protect heart area and a solar plexus, putting it in a pocket or on a belt for protection of the centres of a stomach and spine. It can be placed in a car, over an entrance to the house or over the child’s bed.

Owing to its special bioenergy “heat” properties that occur at the contact between a hand and polished surface of the stone initiated a mass production of amber prayer beads and other religious objects. Those who have once held in their hands amber prayer beads probably have felt the powerful positives vibes the product emanates.

Amber possesses unique properties over the human biofield natural dynamics to restore balance, carrying charges of static electricity on all the vital organs and activating all the functions of the human body by acting on each of its cells. Contributes to normalisation of arterial blood pressure, as well as reduction and removal from the body of radioactive elements, prevents the development of cancer cells and process of destruction of red blood cells alike.

Worn close to the neck, it gives a pulse of energy over carotid arteries, cleanses the entire body of toxins. Amber gives its wearer the impulse of creativity, strengthens the physical condition, faith; brings a sense of refreshment and optimism and relaxed, cheerful mood. Amber might deepen your intuition and helps to turn plans into concrete actions, brings joy, good spirits and peace of mind, energises and maintains good health!

Magical properties.

Amber is a symbol of happiness and health.

Magical properties of amber are as diverse as its healing. Since the ancient times it was used as powerful talisman and amulet.

Amber is an important source of creativity, energy, faith and optimism. It can strengthen intuition and helps to turn plans into concrete actions, brings good luck, joy and peace of mind, encourages its owner and protects health. To put it in other words, amber helps to lead a long and healthy life.

If during a pregnancy woman chooses to wear amber most of the time, then she would be able to protect the foetus and thus easy childbirth is ensured. If the nursing mother wears amber beads, her child is believed to possess kindness and a cheerful disposition.

The piece of the raw amber was put near a pillow for scaring away of evil spirits. In order to save the dwelling from the fires and hit of a lightning in the house people always kept several objects made of amber. Amber symbolises a spiritual bond. Low grades of amber were mostly used in various religious practices as it well burns and exhales a pleasant smoke – incense. In the past newlyweds and new-borns were fumigated with a smoke of the burning-down amber for good luck.

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